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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

YARD is the home of MAIA, and everyone is welcome. Though lockdown has trapped us all

in our respective bubbles, we’ve been busy making sure that this bubble is ready to pop.

Speaking of which, we’ll be launching officially in January 2021, and we’d love for you all to

be there.

We’re feeling blessed to be based in Ladywood, an area close to our hearts. We chose

Ladywood because one, it’s historically been neglected in terms of cultural investment, and

two, its needs are representative of those felt across North Birmingham. So, YARD’s here to

bring world class infrastructure to the neighbourhood and to amplify the rich supply of work

and talent from this side of town. It will be a base where people from across Birmingham and

beyond, can gather and celebrate the city in all of its glory — its artists, musicians,

community organisers, food entrepreneurs, you name it.

In a pandemic-free world, we would have loved to have introduced ourselves in person by

now, and it’s been devastating for such a people-based organisation to have been kept

isolated from its community in Port Loop and across Ladywood. We had planned to have

you all round for celebrations where we could connect, dance, enjoy cookouts and even a

month-long festival. But, of course, COVID-19, as it did with everything else, disrupted our

2020 vision.

We’ve had to think imaginatively as a team to work out how to connect safely with you all

next year. In 2021, alongside our programme at YARD, we’ll be investing in digital and virtual

connections, making all of our work COVID-19 safe or adaptable, and programming a

phenomenal season of work that can exist online.

Once launched, we’ll be kicking off with Imagination SZN, so expect to see incredible

artwork exhibited, all kinds of performances, stories, conversations, workshops, and a whole

lot more. Our kitchen will house some of the city’s most exciting food entrepreneurs and

chefs, and we’ll be organising a way to share good food and great conversations with you

all. What’s more, artists from across the UK and overseas will be taking up residence at

YARD, each with a unique perspective and practice to bring to the neighbourhood.

We hope that, like us, you can’t wait to see what they, and all of the artists and craftspeople

across Birmingham, create for YARD, Port Loop and Ladywood. There’s so much talent in

this city, and it’s soon to be on your doorstep. Come and celebrate the New Year with us at

YARD’s launch, find out more, and join the big imagination of Imagination SZN. We’re so

excited to meet you.

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