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What's YARD's story?

YARD - Party -

In 2013, MAIA's co-founders, Amahra Spence and Amber Caldwell, set out to build lasting infrastructure for artists, particularly those living in disinvested neighbourhoods outside of London. 

They realised that in order for MAIA's work to be transformative, it had to fully comprehend the ways in which systems destroy the livelihoods and wellbeing of local people and artists, and invest in the radical imaginations of those who could begin to imagine something better. This meant establishing spaces in which these dreamers and thinkers could be safe and protected, and ensuring that these spaces were self-sustaining and owned by the community, rather than being reliant on the funding decisions of state or corporate bodies. 

The first iteration of this mission is YARD. If YARD is to serve its local community and those aligned with its mission, it must be co-created by all of us.

Come hang with us, eat with us, dream with us, build with us. Our doors are open.

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