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YARD rates; the realities of resourcing a movement under capitalism

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

As we increase YARD rates, we wanted to touch base with you all and give a breakdown of our income and outgoings. Money is tight for everyone in our community right now, and transparency feels like a first step in explaining why we are raising our hire costs.

The first thing to say is that our rates remain a guideline. Ultimately, our mission is to resource the imaginations of local people as we try to envisage and build a world beyond our current paradigm. If your work is challenging systems and structures, and aligns with our core values of justice, care, access and joy, then we are always here to support your work however we can. If your budget cannot accommodate our new rates, then we’re always here to talk options.

It’s really hard to try and build whole new models of governance, finance, relationship-building and ways of working whilst still having to survive under current economic systems. Each month, just to keep the lights on at YARD, we pay:

£1800 Rent

£186 Council Tax

£200 Electricity

£20 Water

£900 Cleaning Costs

£50.40 Broadband

Total: £3156.40

Beyond this, we still have to fund staff wages, groceries, programming, administration and IT costs.

So, how is this currently funded?

MAIA has previously never received core funding, and for the first time we are about to step into this world thanks to the support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. Even with this, our funding only covers the YARD’s Arts programme and our YARD Arts Producer role. Every other cost and wage detailed above then has to be hustled; be that through new partnerships or project fundraising. YARD’s revenue is therefore our key source of generated income, and as a non-profit organisation, any profits made are immediately invested back into our programme.

Hiring YARD therefore is a direct investment in #FREEYARD and all of the free resources it brings, whether it’s a fully stocked fridge, a kitted out music studio, podcasting equipment, workshops, meeting space, rest space, brunch or provisions for young people. We are also changing our opening hours from June in order to make #FREEYARD more accessible.

For YARD to be the best possible resource to its community, we have to reach a stage where it is self-sustaining and not reliant on the decisions of funding bodies. Financially, this is simply not viable without significant investment from other people and organisations in the arts and cultural sector, and currently we are not generating enough income for the scale of opportunity and care we want to provide.

Therefore, for folks with a significant budget who can support YARD in solidarity, we suggest a higher rate. For small-scale organisations or artists with a limited budget, we offer a guideline community rate. And for those with a very small or no budget, we provide access to #FREEYARD, as well as a team of people who are always here to share resources in kind and discuss options.

Thank you to everyone who is investing in the mission and spirit of YARD. If you would like to ask any questions about what we’ve explained above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Love and solidarity in these times.

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